Application of Plant Growth Regulator in Celery

- Apr 23, 2018 -

1. Increase production

Triacontanol. After celery treatment with triacontanol, it can promote celery growth and increase yield. According to the Institute's experiment, celery could be treated with triacontanol to accelerate plant growth, increase chlorophyll content, enhance photosynthesis, and improve quality. Vitamin C content increased by 6.93% and sugar content increased by 3.7%.


After the celery is planted, 0.5 mg/L triacontanol is used. And 50 kg per acre is sprayed. Thereafter, the spray is sprayed once every 10 days and a total of 3 to 4 sprays are performed. Spraying is stopped half a month before harvest. The application of triacontanol in the 15 to 20 days before harvest is the key to increase production; In the winter, celery is applied to triacontanol, and heat preservation measures should be taken to make the triacontanol exert greater effect of increasing production.


Brassinolide. After treatment with brassinolide, the height of plants were increased by 5%-12% and the weight was increased by 8%-15%. At the same time, the chlorophyll content was increased by 0.55%-2.81%, and the celery leaves were dark green and shiny. The effect of foliar spray with 0.01 mg/L brassinolide is better when celery just start branching. If it is sprayed on the foliage 10 days before the harvest, it can increase the physiological activity and enhance the resilience, which is suitable for long-distance storage and transportation.


After spraying compound brassin lactone with celery, the total sugar content and vitamins of celery decreased slightly. Therefore, fertilizer and water management should be strengthened before and after spraying to improve photosynthesis conditions to promote assimilation.

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2. Enhanced resistance

Gibberellin. After treated with gibberellin, celery can enhance cold resistance, lighten leaf color, and accelerate growth, making the petiole of the edible part longer, with less cellulose, and a 20% increase in output. About 15 days before the harvest of celery, spraying gibberellin 50mg/L, spraying liquid per acre 40 ~ 50kg.


The gibberellin concentration when spraying should not be too high to avoid making the plants too slender. After spraying gibberellin 1~2d, the fertilization need to be increased. And the celery need to be harvested timely to prevent plant aging

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The related plant growth regulator as follows:

1. Promote growth series: Sodium nitrophenolate, DA-6, sodium a-naphthylacetate, 5-nitroguaiacol sodium, triacontanol

2. Promote root series: Soluble rooting powder, compound fertilizer synergist; indole butyric acid(IBA), potassium butyrate(IBA-K)

3. Cell division series: 6-Benzylamino adenine (6-BA), Clopidogrel (KT-30), Thidiazuron, Isopentenyl adenine

4. Control overgrowth series: chlormequat chloride ccc, acetaminophen, paclobutrazol; anti-dropping agent

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