Application of plant growth regulator in apple.

- Apr 17, 2018 -

Controlling growth of twig


The use of multi-effect azole can control the shoot length and increase the amount of short branches, thus enhancing the photosynthesis and increasing the fruit rate.

At the end of the apple harvest, a total of 15% of the hydroxyl wettable powder was applied to 25g.Note: the sensitivity of the apple varieties to the polyazole is different, and the dosage should be determined on the local test basis.For years, apple has been able to use the polyoxazole to grow according to the growth of the tree, so as to prevent overdose and affect the production of apple.


Blossom and fruit thinning

Apple blossom is a kind of make it more trees, if the results after flowering rate is high, not only more than the load capacity of the tree branches, but also greatly exceeded the nutrients required for growth of fruit tree support ability.For a long time, the apple tree has been the result of physiological decline, and the fruit quality is not good.The use of chemical agents to make rational flower thinning can keep the apple tree strong, promote high yield and stable yield and improve fruit quality.


Naa is a kind of plant growth regulator that can play a variety of roles. It can not only inhibit nutritional growth, but also promote the formation of flower buds and short fruiting branches, as well as fruits and vegetables.Naa plays an obvious role in the fruits of golden crown, field marshal and xu.

Under normal circumstances, the apple tree uses Naa thinning fruit, and the precocious varieties should be kept within 10d after flowering. The effective thinning period for medium and late maturity varieties is 10-15d.The spraying concentration depends on the apple variety.In addition, it is recommended to spray naa5-10mg /kg for the apples, and to spray 10-20mg/kg for the gold crown, and the "flower marriage" with strong annual results, and the spraying concentration should be controlled at 15-20mg/kg.

Note: NAA should not be used as a succulent for the marshal and red apple, so as to prevent the growth of young fruit from being inhibited to form small fruit and lose the value of food.The concentration of NAA should be strictly regulated to prevent the death of the new tip of apple, and the blade is twisted downward, the edge of the blade is crimping, etc.

Naa is used in apple, late mature varieties are more suitable.Apple precocious variety uses naa sucker, preferably in the falling phase spray, if it is 10d after flower, it is easy to cause the fruit to not reach maturity, leading to premature and cracked fruit.It is not suitable to use the fruit juice for some cold damage, poor drainage of soil, lack of nitrogen and dense planting, etc.


Prevent apple from picking fruit and improve fruit quality.

When apple is ripe, it is easy to take the fruit, especially the red bananas can start to fall in late August, and the fruit rate can reach more than 50% in late September.It is an important content to improve the quality of apple.

The use of Naa to prevent apple from pre-harvest has a good effect. It usually results in 7d after spraying, and can reach more than 14d.

Before using Naa prevent mining fruit abscission, applicable to the marshal, red banana, ruby easy fruit such as apple varieties, appropriate is 30-40 d medication before mining, the appropriate spraying concentration of Naa in 20 to 30 mg/kg, is better to 20 mg/kg, for some fruit appear earlier varieties, one applying pesticide effect is not stable, can be spraying 2 times.

Delay apple's germination.

The main performance of AVG is delayed by about 10d, which can avoid the low temperature, cold current and cold wind of the flowering stage, improve the fruit rate, promote the seed full, improve the fruit shape index, and optimize the quality.If you spray 0.01% of the solution at 30-60d, you can extend the storage and shelf life of apple.In the production, it also found that the phenomenon of reducing fruit, should pay attention to the pre-spray test, find out the optimum concentration and then use it in a large area.

In order to reduce the amount of apple trees in the next year, it is important to spray 50 to 100mg/kg of gibberellin prior to the critical stage of flower bud differentiation of apple and pear, which can significantly reduce the amount of flowers in the next year.If combined with a 0.3% urea, the effect is even more.

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