Advantages of plant growth regulators

- Jul 30, 2017 -

① wide range of applications, more applications. Plant growth regulators can be applied to almost all the higher and lower plants in the planting industry, such as field crops, vegetables, fruit trees, flowers, trees, kelp, seaweed, edible fungus, etc., and by regulating plant photosynthesis, The absorption and development of plants, the relationship between plant and the environment, Improve the quality of agricultural products, so that the expression of crop agronomic traits in accordance with the needs of the direction of development.

② the amount of small, fast, high efficiency, less residue, most of the crop season only need to spray time [3].

③ can be the external traits of plants and internal physiological processes of dual regulation.

④ targeted, strong professional. Can solve some other means difficult to solve the problem, such as the formation of seedless fruit, control winds, control plant type, to promote the rooting of the cuttings, fruit ripening and coloring, inhibition of axillary bud growth, promote cotton leaves off.

⑤ the effect of the use of plant growth regulators by a variety of factors, and difficult to achieve the best. Climate conditions, application time, dosage, application method, application site and crop absorption, operation, integration and metabolism will affect its effect.

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