About 4-CPA sodium salt/4-CPA Na

- Jan 03, 2018 -

4-CPA sodium salt/4-CPA Na is a plant growth regulator similar to auxins, White crystal. No special smell, melting point 157-158(acid), vapor pressure 0.247 pa at 25℃. Stable in room temperature.


Solubility of  4-CPA sodium salt/4-CPA Na 98%:

5-CPA sodium salt is soluble in water.


Function and characteristics

1. Prevent falling of fruits and flower 

2. Produce the seedless fruit

3. Increase the percentage of the fruit bearing(increase output) and promote the enlargement of fruit


Recommend dosage on tomatos

1. When the tomato flowers come out half, spay the flowers with a dosage of 25-30 mg/L.

2.Usually spay or dip the flowers, the suggested dosage is 25-30 mg/L. And dip the pedicel, the suggested dosage is 30-35 mg/L.

3.In Spring, you have to protect the flowers from the cold weather, 30-35 mg/L.

In Summer, you have to protect the flowers from the hot temperature, 25 mg/L.


25 mg/l means 1L of water with 25 mg of 4-cpa-na 98%tc.

you pick 1 g 4-cpa-na dissolve in 40 L water, thus you get a 25 mg/L 4-cpa-na solution.

when dip or spay the flowers, please don't spray the solution onto the leaves or other parts of the plants.

Those dosage is to prevent the shedding of flowers and fruits for reference.


Toxicology of 4-CPA-NA

Acute oral LD50 for rats 2200mg/Kg; acute dermal LD50 >2200mg/Kg.

 Irritating to skin and eyes. LC50 for fish: carp 3-6ppm.


Stability of 4-CPA-NA

 It is stable at elevated temperatures (54 deg C) and on exposure to metals, but degrades (30% loss in 24 hours) on exposure to sunlight.


Storage and handling

Products should be sealed dry preservation. Warehouse should be ventilation and dry at low temperature; storage should be separated from the food raw materials.


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