A Brief Introduction of Plant Growth Regulator GA3

- Oct 26, 2017 -

A Brief Introduction of Plant Growth Regulator GA3

The Application of GA3

The chemical Gibberellic Acid (GA3), is used in commercial horticulture to improve plant growth and yields.

This plant growth regulator can be found naturally in plants. Used on a wide range of food crops worldwide. Routinely used for the production of seedless grapes in Europe, USA, Australia, South Africa and South America.

Classified as a plant growth regulator it can have a number of commercially important-effects on how plants grow.

1.For treatment of seed to break dormancy (seeds that are susceptible) use at rate of 200ppm to 500ppm. Sometimes 1000ppm solutions can be used, however this can on occasions lead to problems with seed elongation in some genera, after the germination process. Seeds can be soaked for 2-24 hours.

2.For increasing flower size by flower bud treatment. Concentrations can vary but generally low concentrations of 10-50 ppm are used. For Camellias concentrations of 20,000 ppm can by used in a technique called 'Gibbing'.

3.For treating adult plants and seedlings to increase growth, use at a rate of 10-200ppm for most genera. Solutions should be applied as a foliage spray aiming for drip down coverage. There is a great deal of variation in plant responses to concentration. Generally vigorously growing plants under warm conditions require larger volumes of Gibberellic acid. It is important to also feed your plants with fertilizer when using a Gibberellic treatment.

The Usage Method of GA3

How to make a 100ppm Gibberellic Acid solution for spraying foliage?

Firstly,weigh 100mg GA3 powder.( A cheap portable battery electronic digital scale is easy to use and widely available on the internet or eBay)see section below if wanting to estimate!

Secondly,Dissolve powder in a small volume of alcohol. 5-10ml. Alcohol solvents listed above. The solution may need slight heating to improve solubility. Take care with flammable liquids!. Avoid excessive heating. A Pyrex test tube is ideal to mix this in.

Thirdly,Measure 1000ml (1.0litre) of good quality water and to this add the freshly mixed solution. Shake or stir.

Finally,Use an inexpensive hand sprayer to spray your plants with. It is best to shake before each spraying. Aim for coating the upper surface of the plant leaves thoroughly, Spay enough to allow drip down from the leaves. Spray stems and shoots also. Do not spray during bright sunshine. Aim to spray at the beginning of the day, when plants are starting to grow. Do not allow leaves to remain wet overnight.


It is always best to mix and use GA3 solutions when fresh. If this is not possible store this spray solution in the refrigerator at around 5degC. If the solution is cold, remember to bring the solution temperature up to that of the foliage before spraying to stop cold damage to leaves. GA3 solutions loose activity over time and should be freshly made and used.

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