The Introduction of 5-ALA

- Feb 12, 2018 -

5-ala is an environmentall friendly new type agrochemical which is widely used in agricutural field


1. Used as plant growth regulator

It can regulate the synthesis of chlorophyll, improve the stability of chlorophyll and light system, To improve photosynthetic efficiency to promote the photosynthesis; Promote plant tissue differentiation and inhibit plant breathing in dark, enlarging stomatal and other basic physiological activity. So it is not only a kind of metabolic intermediate, but it is also involved in regulation process of plant growth, it has the similar physiological activity of plant hormone, so it can be used as plant growth regulator in the agricultural production.


2. Used as herbicide

Herbicide which contains 5-Ala can kill weeds of dicotyledonous plants, while it is harmless for many plant belong to the monocotyledonous plant crops such as corn, wheat, barley, so it is selective herbicide.


3. Used as insecticide

It can cause biochemical metabolism imbalance of  housefly, cockroaches and other pests, then make the pest convulsions to death. it is a pollution-free natural substance, has biodegradability, and no drug resistance, it is potential new type green pesticide.


The basic functions of 5-ALA for plants:

1. to promote the chlorophyllous synthesis, increase chlorophyll:

2. to prevent the phenomenon of leaf turning yellow and fallingdefoliation,

3. to improve photosynthesis, inhibit dark respiration, promote the growth of plants and raise the yield and quality(increase the sugar content), make fruit uniform and cultivate the healthy seedlings etc; to adjust carbon assimilation and photosynthetic enzyme activity and stomatal aperture;

4. to improve the crops’ability to withstand harsh environments, and improve the ability to resist insufficient light, cold, saline-alkali etc;

5. to increase nitrate reductase activity, improve the ability of the reduction of nitrate, increase the amount of nitrogen uptake, increase antioxidant enzyme content, promote absorption of fertilizers, and improve nutrient utilization of mineral elements.

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