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Functional and characteristics of  DCPTA

1. Mechanism of action 

Plant growth regulator DCPTA is the first one discovered in direct effects on plant cell nucleus so far . by influencing the plant gene, repair the damaged genes to improve the quality of material, it can significantly increase crop yield, improve photosynthesis, to increase the absorption of carbon dioxide, .Increase the accumulation of protein and lipid, promote cell division and growth, and increase the activity of some synthase.

2. Increase Photosynthesis

It can significantly increase the photosynthesis of green plants, and the leaves will be obviously green, thickened and enlarged.According to the cotton test which was used 21.5mg/l DCPTA , it shows that increase the absorption of carbon dioxide 21%, increase dry stem weight 69%, cotton increased 36%, and cotton early flowering.

3. Quality improvement

DCPTA can increase the material accumulation of protein and lipid in legume crops, , it also could increase the colored fruit coloring,the fruit and vegetable vitamin, amino acids and other nutrients content, strengthen the melon and fruit fragrance, improve the taste and product value of goods.

4. Application technique

It could promote YHA plant growth to increase the output. At the Growth  and root growing time of The root and tubers plants,spraying 20-30mg/l dcpta three times. It could make the seedling grow strong and skined to improve the quality of the plants.

5. Nutritionally Supports 

In seedling stage to the strains ,evenly sprayed with 20-30 mg/l DCPTA solution on the leaf vegetables such as spinach, lettuce, can promote healthy seedling, improve the plant resistance, promote vegetative growth, gains fast, leaves increased, and achieve the effect of early recovery.

6. Fruit expanding growth

After four true leaf of soybean Snow peas and beans foods, spraying evenly 30-40 mg dcpta solution, can promote the flowers bloom, prevent flowers fall off, increase grain weight,and make a substantial increase in legume production, improve the quality of beans, make soybean primary nutrients (protein and fat) content increased.

7. Anti-premature-senility

For flowers and Ornamental plants, After the seedling, the whole plant was sprayed with a uniform spray of 20-30mg/l DCPTA to keep the leaves green and fresh to prevent the leaves from decaying.

Matters need attention

For sensitive crops and new varieties, experiment should be done first and then decided if adopt or not.

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