Fungicide Trifloxystrobin Pesticde 95%TC,50%WDG

Fungicide Trifloxystrobin Pesticde 95%TC,50%WDG

Trifloxystrobin is active against Fungi of all four classes – Ascomycetes, Deuteromycetes, Basidiomycetes and Oomycetes. Controls powdery mildew, leaf spot and fruit diseases in the early stages of fungal development (including spore germination, germ tube extension and appressorium formation). Registered for use in field crops: cereals, soya beans, corn, rice, cotton, peanuts, sugar beet and sunflowers; horticultural crops: pome fruit, stone fruit, tropical fruit, bananas, grapes, soft fruit, and many vegetables, as well as ornamentals and turf. Application rates depend on crop, disease and application method, and range from 50 to 550 g a.i./ha.

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Product Details

Fungicide Trifloxystrobin 95%TC,50%WDG

CAS NO.: 141517-21-7

Chemical Name: methyl(E)-methoxyimino[a-(o-tolyloxy)-o-tolyl]acetate 


Physical & Chemical Property

Appearance: White to light grey powder

Molecular Formula: C20H19F3N2O4

Molecular Weight: 408.37

Solubility: In water 0.61 mg/l (at 20°C), Acetone >500 g/L,

Dichloromethane >500 g/L, Ethyl acetate >500 g/L,Hexane 

11 g/L, Methanol 76 g/L, Octanol 18 g/L,Toluene 500 g/L 

(all in g/l,20°C).

Melting Point: 72.0-73.0°C(pure active ingredient,i)

Boiling Point: 312°C

Flash Point: 238-256 °C


Toxicity Data

Acute oral toxicity 

Rat: >500-5000 mg/kg

Acute dermal toxicity

Rat: >2000-5000 mg/kg

Acute inhalation toxicity 

Rat: LC50: 4-hr exposure to dust: >0.5-2.0 mg/l

Male/female rat: 1-hr exposure to dust (extrapolated 

from 4-hr LC50): > 2.0-8.0 mg/l

Skin irritation: Rabbit: Moderate skin irritation

Eye irritation: Rabbit: Mild eye irritation

Sensitization: Guinea pig: May cause sensitization by skin contact.



Controls a range of cereal diseases, including powdery mildews, leaf spots and rusts (at 

100~187 g/ha). Also effective against leaf spots, powdery mildews, bunch and fruit rots 

of pome fruit, grapes, peanuts, bananas and vegetables (at 50-140 g/ha).


Specification: 95%TC,50%WDG




fine, off-white powder

Content of a.i.

≥ 97%






Trifloxystrobin 95%TC

Package: 25kg/drum

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