Fungicide Myclobutanil 98%TC, 10%EC, 25%EC, 20%EW, 40%SC

Fungicide Myclobutanil 98%TC, 10%EC, 25%EC, 20%EW, 40%SC

Myclobutanil is used as a foliar treatment for control of powdery mildew, shot-hole, blossom blight, anthracnose and rust in stone fruit and nuts; powdery mildew in cucurbits; powdery mildew and rusts on ornamentals; rusts on perennial grasses grown for seed; and as a seed treatment for control of seed- and soil-borne diseases in barley, maize, cotton, rice and wheat; and as a post-harvest treatment in crops such as banana.

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Product Details

Fungicide Myclobutanil 98%TC, 10%EC, 25%EC, 20%EW, 40%SC

CAS NO.: 88671-89-0

Chemical Name: 1H-1,2,4-Triazole-1-propanenitrile,R-butyl- R-(4-chlorophenyl)-


Physical & Chemical Properties

Appearance: Light yellow solid

Molecular Formula:C15H17ClN4

Molecular weight:288.8

Melting point:63-68 °C

Solubility:In water 142 /l (25 °C). Soluble in common organic solvents, e.g. ketones, esters, alcohols and aromatic hydrocarbons, all 50-100 g/l. Insoluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons

Stability:Stable under normal storage conditions. Aqueous solutions decompose on exposure to light, 50 222 d (sterile water), 0.8 d (sensitised sterile water), 25 d (pond water); no hydrolysis (28 °C) in 28 d (Ph 5,7 and 9)



Oral:Acute oral 50 for male rats 1600, female rats 2290 /.

Percutaneous:Acute percutaneous 50 for rabbits >5000 /kg. Not irritating to their skin but mildly to their eyes; not a skin sensitiser to guinea pigs.



Myclobutanil is used for controlling of Ascomycetes, Fungi Imperfecti, and Basidiomycetes on a wide variety of crops. The primary use is for powdery mildew (Uncinula necator) control in vines and for combined leaf scab and powdery mildew control in apples. Application rates typically 30-60 g/ha.Also registered for control of Ascomycetes or Basidio-mycetes diseases on a broad variety of crops including other pome fruit, stone fruit, cucurbits, strawberries, almonds, tomatoes, vegetables, hops, cotton, cereal seed treatments, turf and ornamentals.

Mode of Action:

Systemic triazole fungicide with protective and curative action.

Myclobutanil will inhibit the synthesis of ergosterol, long residual life.

Myclobutanil can also prompt growth of crops.

Crops: Fruit tree, vegetable, cereal, etc.

Control: Diseases caused by ascomycete and basidiomycete, including powdery mildew, rust, grey speck disease, scab, smut.


Dosage :

e.g. 12.5%EC, control of smut on pear:40~80mg/kg.

Specific dosage depends on different situation.

Application method: Spray

Specification: 98%TC, 40%WP 10%-25%EC

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